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My Artist Statement as Displayed at Art Shows

How did this series of Color X-rays come about

An evolution of his initial style of color infrared. Larry has always carried a camera, and one day it was to the orthopedic surgeons office where his wife Mary was getting x-rays taken. He was captivated by the look of the x-rays as the doctor examined them on the viewbox and wondered how they would photograph in his color infrared style. Mary's "knees" and "hands holding x-rays of hands" were his first two in what would become a popular ongoing series in a medical theme.

A thirty year veteran of selling his fine art photography at art shows, Larry has never had to look far to come up with an original creative body of work as can be seen by examining the various styles he and Mary have created over the years. Click on one of the links below and browse the different styles of photography on their many web sites.
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Artist Statement hanging in my booth at the art shows
Larry Berman Artist Statement

Photographer Larry Berman is a veteran of 25+ years on the art show circuit selling his fine art photography. He recently added a new technique: color infrared. Using a Nikon Coolpix digital camera and combinations of color filters to block all but narrow band spikes of visible light while letting all infrared radiation pass, Berman captured his The Chair image on a trip to Miami Beach, Florida. "Unlike the old days of shooting infrared in 35mm where you never knew what you got until you developed the film," he says, "digital cameras let you see the results instantly on the LCD screen. The different colors are a result of the quality of light and shadows hitting the subject." Berman then takes the next step by opening up the images on his computer and running his own Photoshop actions that he has developed through experimentation. "Infrared images have a strange color and tonal balance to them right out of the camera. Some go red; others have a cyan sheen. Rarely will they have a full tonal range." His latest bodies of color infrared photography can be seen on and

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